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Six effective digital PR techniques to grow your brand

Do you want your brand to go from one to 100 on the success ladder in no time? Well, Digital PR techniques are the way to go!

How do you ask? The wonder of digital public relations focuses on building your brand credibility and enforcing customer trust through an impactful online presence. Long-term relations call for robust methods, and that’s just what conscious Public Relations stands for.

Here are your six go-to digital PR hacks that will undoubtedly help you grow your brands:

Email Follow-Ups: Running a business, you are bound to have a target audience in mind. Acquiring their emails and reaching out to them is one of the most basic forms of online marketing.

In PR, we care about representing your brand and approach by taking that extra step. Setting up a system of Email Follow-ups involves sending a series of emails to your customers, however ensuring that you don’t overdo causing them to spam their inbox. You must show that you care for them.

Email Follow-ups in digital PR include –

  • Announcement of product sales.

  • Introduction of a free-trial period for some amenity.

  • Lead-magnet: Prepare a datasheet like a white paper or a voucher to avail your products, where the customers would subscribe in return for a prize.

Influencer Marketing: Networking is essential in the professional world, and who better to network with thousands of people, at the same time, than a social media influencer?

Your social media strategy should also involve befriending bloggers or influencers, which will help you get quality backlinks and positive reviews. People talk to people; hence, organised and targeted influencer PR marketing will help your brand growth. Do not expect immediate results, be patient, and expect steady growth while enforcing this strategy. Time should be spent on research and setting a realistic budget during this technique.

Engagement: Interacting with your audience is essential in PR. Respond to comments, hold giveaways and even ask for feedback. Taking this approach will make them feel heard and respected. When they see an active response from the brand, they are bound to start liking its presence and may lead to word-of-mouth promotions outside the digital sphere. However, try to make sure the interactions steer towards the positive side.

Content Creation: Content creation can be in the form of words, podcasts, videos or presentations. For instance, if you have something to tell your consumers, announce it on a live video on platforms like Instagram or Facebook instead of a simple press announcement or posting about it. Using such personalised methods inculcates a sense of trust among the people. Similarly, if there is a new initiative, you can use PPTs explaining the entire agenda to the buyers. Also, forums like Linkedin is often prefered to post regular written content, engaging with a vast audience.

Testimonials: Using testimonials or opinions of users regarding your company is a proven PR approach. You can have experts, celebrities, or happy customers share their testimonials. A statement works fine, but in digital PR, a photograph or video describing their experience with your brand is a leaping step towards success.

SEO PR: One of the oldest and most influential digital public relations strategies involves the SEO game. Using Search Engine Optimisation in your posts, thought leadership articles, opinion pieces, and press releases to move up the ladder in Google will increase your website traffic, in turn, successful sales. However, extensive research is needed to achieve this. Using keywords and citations are some SEO cornerstones.

With the SEO dynamic changing every month, you have to be on your toes with the knowledge of this tool.


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