PurpleTree PR - Your Storytelling Partner

Born from the passion of storytelling, PurpleTree PR is a dream of storytellers. Bonded by a common love for PR & Communication and backed by years of industry experience, Mahima and her business partner decided to chase the dream towards achieving a common goal - Help businesses tell their story with an affordable PR approach. 



"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” ― Tim Fargo



Co-founder & Director

Mahima is a connector!
She believes in connecting first. She likes to connect with the thought behind the logo, the logic behind the tag line, the emotions behind the company name, and the sentiment behind the whole purpose of the company. For Mahima, it is not just about ensuring that you make the headlines or meet your revenue goal, but also about appealing and connecting with your right audience. 

A passionate communications strategist with 10+ years in Public Relations & Communications, and 3 years in Human Resources. She has worked across industries that include Research & Development, Information Technology (Product & Solutions), Non-for-profit, and Education.

Mahima has completed her Masters of Science in Mass Communication, Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management with a Bachelor’s degree in English Honours.

Mahima enjoys writing and telling stories in the form of short anecdotes and is passionate about travelling, dancing, and singing. She was a member of a local rock band, she is a trained Indian Classical dancer and practices mindful meditation.

Mahima is also a regular contributor in ‘Nepalese Voice’, a community news website. 


Apart from our love for storytelling, we also believe in embracing the responsibility of contributing to positive social change and promoting the well-being of society by supporting and raising awareness on social causes that matter to the communities. 

We believe that each individual plays an instrumental role in the success of communities and have the ability to make an impact on society in ways that go beyond just making financial gains. This is why each time we secure a new account, we ask our clients to select a cause out of the many and contribute 1% of our financial earnings along with physical volunteering where applicable. We believe in the saying,

" When you are blessed financially, don't raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of giving."
- Mark Batterson 

Image by Tim Marshall