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Do you know which technology might have played a vital role during this pandemic?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

In today’s extraordinary times, as we try to socially distance ourselves from our friends, colleagues and loved ones, we try to stay in touch via phone calls and text messages. However, amongst all forms of communication, video calls have proven to play a vital role during this challenging times of COVID-19.

Several families who have moved away from home in pursuit of better education and career opportunities are spread across states, countries, and continents. It is indeed a tough time for international students, working professionals, and the ones who have decided to live away, due to the vulnerability of the older generation to coronavirus to live in isolation away from loved ones.

Physical distancing, however, does not mean that we disconnect our self from the world. And to address this, it is believed that video calls have proven an effective form of communication to ease social isolation for adults during this pandemic.

In research conducted with Western Sydney University’s BabyLab, 130 grandparents and parents were questioned about their familiarity with using video calls with children during the pandemic. On average, grandparents are said to video call their grandchildren twice or thrice a week and 40% of them began using video calls for the first time during COVID-19. Video calls help us stay connected with our loved ones allowing us to be a part of their lives, and share our emotions.

One of the grandparents from the research was beyond happy to see her grandchild react to her voices and smile. While some adults enjoy the benefits of today’s technology, there are few who find it very stressful due to reasons such as having to hold the device, maintaining a suitable schedule to call, the constant background noise, and a few more.  These reasons, however, can be addressed by following the bellow mentioned routine: – Use a flat surface to place the device with additional support or use a tripod. – Make the call a part of your routine so that you and your loved ones can expect and get to the routine. –  Minimize background noise (washing machine, TV) and avoid calling when you are outside your home. – Make sure your parents/ loved ones have the right equipment to make the video call.

As a working professional, residing in Melbourne, Australia since 2017, I count my blessings for living in this beautiful country. Australia is one of those few countries which has been handling the situation with much success, however, I am also constantly worried about my parents, in-laws, and friends who live by themselves hundreds and thousands of miles away. While nothing can replace meeting our loved ones face to face, maintaining a video call routine has helped me not only to stay connected with them but also to stay aware of their health and overall happiness as compared to just voice calls alone.

As we live in this golden era of technology, let’s make the most of what it has to offer us and stay connected. Call that friend who lives by him/her self, call that far distant ailing relative to say hello, call and reach out and check in with our loved ones.


The article was published in 'The Nepalese voice'. Nepalese Voice' aims to represent a collective voice of Nepalese Community in Australia.

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