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PR is not for you

Are you a Small yet a confident and passionate Business owner?

You have fabulous success stories to share,

but you hesitant because you think that PR is not for you?


Small Business Owners tend to believe that Public Relations is meant only for large, multinational brands with enormous marketing budgets. That is not entirely incorrect. However, for small and emerging businesses, a sustainable PR approach with a tactical communication mix is imperative as it is for large corporations. PR is the most effective form of communications that emphasises on information and persuasion as opposed to packaging and paid media, diplomacy as opposed to forcing, and strengthens your position in the market with a strong share of voice among competitors.

Small business owners get caught up in a vicious circle of a tight financial situation where PR, and sometimes even Marketing takes a backstage, thinking that they would engage in PR once the finances/capital remains strong.

Engaging with journalists and influencers to write about your business may sound daunting, but the truth is, with a sustainable and customised PR approach it will not cost you as much as it would for marketing alone. PR helps you engage with your tribe, your community, your target audience and connect with them speaking their language hence building credibility and trust.

When your brand name is mentioned repeatedly in relevant publications and social media platforms in the form of media interactions, thought leadership articles and case studies, it will help your business gain the desired recognition and growth in the long run.

You may think that your business is not ready for this, but think about it, you will need to START somewhere, why not start today.

If you don’t know where and how to begin, connect with us at and we will conduct a thorough PR assessment at no cost, and you can decide for yourself.

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