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Why is a business case study an important tool in PR?

Case studies provide authentic statistics and contextualised key messages for potential clients on how your product/services were integrated and how it benefited your clients. This allows your potential clients to visualise how your technology can help solve some of their most pressing needs.

Case studies can help you promote your product/services with reference to real-world problems and applications (makes money or saves money, time, etc.)

TIP by PurpleTree PR

Many businesses believe that they have to write a 1,500-word document for case studies. However, the key to producing a compelling case study would be to start small with short descriptions that highlight success.

  • What were the challenges faced by your client

  • When & where was the product/services implemented.

  • How did the product/services help overcome the challenges,

  • Why is your product/services the best at solving these challenges.

  • What was the outcome?

Compile the content in a easy to read format, with real figures and statistics. Make it appealing using various mode of communications such as infographics or a video representation. You could also refurbish your case study content to a podcast, a YouTube video or an ebook. Voila! your case study is ready.


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